This blog’s prehistory

Just a note on why I created this blog. I’ve been to enough conferences to notice that most either have a military history focus dominated by modernists, or an early modern focus in which military historical subjects are rare. Both types of conferences serve their purposes, but I hope this blog can create a place for people interested in the fusion between the two to ‘talk shop.’ Occasionally a critical mass will be achieved at a particular conference, and the ensuing discussions remind me why I became interested in the subject in the first place, and make me want more. This is particularly true when comparing notes with EMEMHians who focus on a different country or century than me (mostly France, England and the Netherlands in the late 17C through early 18C).
Further, from what I can tell (at least in the U.S.) most academic EMEMHians who are fortunate enough to have higher ed jobs are at teaching institutions, in relatively small departments which don’t always allow for much detailed discussion about such topics. We deserve our own space! Hence, this blog is an attempt to create virtually a criticality of EMEMHians.



One response to “This blog’s prehistory”

  1. Sheldon Clare says :

    Thanks for doing this Jamel. I am in exactly the circumstance that you describe and I look forward to making use of this blog – especially when the pressures of marking lessen.

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