Week in Review and a Glimpse into the Future

It’s been a little over a week since I started the blog, and as it seems there are at least a few people out there interested in the subject, now’s the time when I switch to a subscription model (just kidding).

I thought I would get a sense of the readership, so I’ll post a few polls that you can answer. I’ve put up a bunch of different types of posts, to give you a sense of what this blog could become, and the first poll asks which types of posts you find most interesting/useful. You can click on the “in ____” link (in the little box to the left of each post) to see posts grouped by Category.

Once I see that people are following and willing to speak out (the blogosphere has coined the elegant term “blurker” – someone who reads blogs but never comments or makes themselves known), I’ll post an open thread, which will allow others to post their own questions/comments. And there’s always the opportunity for a guest post.



3 responses to “Week in Review and a Glimpse into the Future”

  1. Erik Lund says :

    I would have voted for pirates, but that wasn’t an option, and I’m boycotting “other” boxes. (Because Levi-Strauss, that’s why.) So I went for research and resources.

  2. John Grenier says :

    Being from a large city in the Upper Midwest, I voted more than once. Is that OK?

  3. John Stapleton says :

    I voted more than once, too.

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