Topic of the Month Poll

I think the blog is going well thus far, although I’d like to see a few more people commenting (whoa, flashback to class). To encourage that, I’ve decided to start a Topic of the Month series. At the beginning of each month (starting in January) I’ll post some comments/thoughts/hypothesis/questions/literature about a particular topic relevant to EMEMH. We can then spend the month discussing the topic, and at the end I’ll provide a summary post on what we’ve argued and concluded, maybe even make a permanent page with a visual summary. Comments will stay open after the month is over, in case anyone wants to continue the discussion. I’ll also continue my regular variety of posts throughout, and try to make at least a few of them relevant to the topic as well. Guest posts and questions are still welcome.

How will the topics be chosen, you ask? Put it to the vote I say. So here’s the poll:

I’ll try to do the topics in order of popularity, although I’m warning you right now that ‘battle’ will be high on the list, since that’s what my current book project is on.

The specifics for each topic will vary (and will be driven as much by your comments as by me), but generally we could: discuss historiographical trends, address questions and challenges raised by EME aspects of each topic, develop typologies and frameworks for better understanding the topic, discuss important works on the topic, etc. Maybe I’ll even throw out a provocative statement or two for debate.

Vote through the New Year and I’ll post a schedule of monthly topics to look forward to all year long. Since you’re the ones doing the voting, I expect some spirited discussion!


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