Scholarly Impact, Google Scholar-style

If you are an academic you undoubtedly know of Google Scholar; if you teach, your students certainly do. It’s primarily useful for the sciences (‘hard’ and ‘soft’), but it does include history titles as well. I’ll check it every once in awhile to check for new works, or, more importantly, to see if any one else cites me (gotta keep track of how many people recognize your brilliance! ;)) So I was listening to the Digital Campus podcast the other day and they talked about a new feature of Google Scholar: Google Scholar Citation. You sign in to your Google account, identify yourself and your publications, and it will keep track of works citing yours, as well as calculate impact scores (used in Europe for funding, I’ve heard). The Digital Campus group expressed some concern about Google knowing all that info about you, but with a name like mine, it’s hard to keep authorship a secret.

Since it’s Google Scholar, there are inevitably errors and omissions (including in mine), but here’s a screen shot to give you an idea of what it looks like when it’s set up:

Google Scholar Citation example

To give a comparison of what the metrics should look like, here’s the screen shot of my mother’s citations (she’ll be retiring from the School of Nursing at UT-Houston next year):

So if you’re bored (and egotistical), you can check it out.


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