Choosing a press

Brief post today, while I finish up my list of EMEMH books published in the past decade and work on those Ancients.

Generic factors when choosing a press, from an author’s perspective:

  • Prestige of press
  • Price
  • Acquisition editor’s diligence, persuasiveness… (get there the firstest with the mostest)
  • Other books with that press/series
  • Market reach, e.g. international presence? that publisher’s books known in your region of the world
  • [Edit: forgot to add that since I knew it was publishable, I wouldn’t have to change it much for approval]

What others are important? How would you prioritize them?

I’m not sure how representative my personal experience with the Vauban book was: acquisitions editor approached me soon after my diss defense and said it was publishable, it was a European press so I thought it would get more attention there than a regional US press, it had a global marketing presence, it was in a series with several other books on the same topic so it wouldn’t get lost as a singleton. Hearing horror stories of how difficult it was to get published (less the case with military history), I didn’t really shop it around.

So what’s your story? What lessons did you learn from the process? Questions about the process (for hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me to answer)?



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