One final 2011 gift

As a final post before the year 2011 passes us by, John Lynn has kindly allowed us to digitally resurrect his A Guide to Sources in Early Modern European Military History in Midwestern Research Libraries. This was created by Lynn and his grad student George Satterfield (author of Princes, Posts and Partisans) back in the early 1990s. An online copy had been residing at Illinois’ ACDIS website, but at some point it was removed. We were able to recover the digital version from a 20-year-old Word file, however, and it lives again!

The Guide is most immediately helpful for anyone in the midwestern US, as it lists those early modern treatises and histories held by research libraries from Minnesota to Ohio, Lynn himself having taught for several decades at the University of Illinois. The Guide is a small slice of history in its own right, because in the 90s such a listing was a godsend, in an age when things like Google Books didn’t even exist yet (although a few brilliant visionaries envisioned them!). Nowadays we’re a bit spoiled, as many of the works listed in the Guide are now readily available through various online databases, as we’ve discussed earlier. But the Guide is still a useful bibliographical listing of hundreds of works published in the period. It’s a mandatory starting point for anyone seeking to study EMEMH.

I’ve posted html and PDF versions of the Guide at my website. The PDF version is large (4+ MB), but it includes the accompanying images, bookmarks for chapters, links in the Table of Contents to jump to the various sections (the print version’s page numbers are now irrelevant), and its text is fully searchable as well. The html version allows you to copy and paste any entries you might wish into your own bibliographic database, or otherwise manipulate the text. Enjoy!

My copy of Lynn's Guide

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