Busy with a looming chapter and scanning newspapers. But never fear, there will be new posts, if only once or (more likely) twice per week.You can always subscribe to the RSS feeds and be alerted when new content is posted. You can also subscribe to Comments.

This month we’ll slowly merge away from battle (always to return) and into logistics, starting with a post on the relationship between logistics and battle. Also to come is more on maps and a continuation of the promised musings on self-publishing. Lots of other things down the line.

In the meantime, there’s a discussion about cavalry going on in the comment section of the Face of Battle post. I have oodles of questions for Gavin Robinson, and everyone else is invited to contribute. Cavalry tactics is really out of my league, and I’m guessing probably for many others as well (so little is written on it), so I think it will be informative.



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