Zotero group bibliography

I just recreated the Logistics bib from a previous post in Zotero and created a group library. I didn’t mess around with the tags – most of the titles were drawn from Google Books, so they have have an eclectic mix of keywords in them.

You should be able to see it by clicking https://www.zotero.org/groups/skulking_in_holes_and_corners/items/ (there is also a permanent link in the right-hand margin). If you use Zotero yourself, you should be able to sync those entries with your own Zotero library. And add your own if you’d like.

Some of the entries include the Google Book links, which means older works will be full-view, and you don’t need to search Google Book’s metadata to find it.

I’ll try to transfer other citations I’ve put on the blog up as well.



One response to “Zotero group bibliography”

  1. jostwald says :

    I added a bunch more titles to the bibliography, including pillaging various cites from Gavin’s library, and the Horses and Culture group library as well.

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