Dreams of a Dutch digital playground fulfilled

In a previous post on digital sources I noted that the Dutch were sadly trailing their neighbors when it came to digitizing and disseminating their old publications. At the ‘Louis XIV Outside In’ conference last month, I learned from Donald Haks that the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (i.e. the Dutch Royal/National Library) has now digitized its Knuttel pamphlets (some 47,000 thus far) and put them online via Brill’s TEMPO – The Early Modern Pamphlets Online. The catalog is freely searchable without any kind of subscription. And unlike most of the English databases (EEBO, ECCO, Burney…), the KB has made scans of the pamphlets themselves accessible to those with a KB yearpass, which costs a paltry 15 euros. In other words, you can download any of the pamphlets in PDF format from anywhere in the world with your internet connection and a yearpass account.

Most of the pamphlets are in Dutch, but some are in English, French, and German. Lots on the Dutch Revolt, the Dutch War, and William III’s wars.

So what are you waiting for? Details at http://www.kb.nl/hpd/kbpas/registratie-en.html


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One response to “Dreams of a Dutch digital playground fulfilled”

  1. Edwin Groot says :

    Plus access to EEBO and JSTOR as well!

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