There’s a good discussion on criteria used to measure battle success in the previous post. Feel free to join in.

EMOB just put up a post reminding its readers of 18thConnect. Tying in to our previous discussions about digital databases such as EEBO and ECCO, 18thConnect is an aggregator, i.e. it allows full-text searchability of these databases without the requirement of an institutional subscription. It also searches the ESTC, which is a very useful tool. Since it’s only an aggregator, though, to actually view the documents returned by the 18thConnect searches requires any requisite subscription(s), with a few exceptions. So I guess its real utility lies in discovery and simplifying searches over multiple databases. In the future they hope to develop an improved OCR that will make ECCO texts even more accurately searched.

I’d also note the irony (is it really ironic? – help me Alanis Morisette!) that the printed edition of the Mandell article mentioned in the above post accidentally cut off the last several paragraphs, whereas the digital version includes the entire essay (and could have been quickly fixed even if the last few paragraphs had been omitted from the original digital document).



One response to “18thConnect”

  1. Eleanor Shevlin says :

    Thanks fo rthe mention! As for the irony, my thoughts exactly!

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