New book on English & Irish army 1714

Wienand Drenth has just published a snazzy-looking book on the regiments in the English & Irish armies (i.e. the British army minus the Scots) during the War of the Spanish Succession. It includes an introduction and context for British involvement in the war. Most importantly, however, it includes detailed lists of each of the more than 100 regiments that were reduced at the end of the war: when they were raised, their officers, the dates of their colonels, succinct summaries of their service, as well as when they were disbanded and their officers placed on half-pay. Several tables list the regiments involved in discrete British operations, and there are several appendices that lay out regimental precedence and other tidbits. Drawing on various published works, this footnoted and edited republication of the original 1714 list makes a useful reference for anyone seeking to locate these British regiments during the war. If you’re interested in the British army during the Spanish Succession or regimental history more generally, you should definitely check it out.

Check out his blog for more details and info on how to order (limited printing, so act now!).

Drenth, Wienand. A Regimental list of the Half-pay officers for the year 1714 on the English and Irish Establishments. Eindhoven: Drenth Publishing, 2012.

Wienand kindly sent me a copy. See my Reviews page for my review policy.


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