Rhymin’ and Drillin’

Venn, Military & Maritine Discipline (1672), p. 31:
For your experience in this Art of War,
With silence hear what your Instructions are.
Perform your Postures with a manly grace,
Observe your distances, and learn to face
To right, and left about, and as you were,
By Division, Intire and Anguler;
Then to your doublings of your depth and length,
When you perceive your Army wanteth strength:
Inverting Files, converting of your Ranks,
Brings ablest men in Front, or Reer, or Flanks:
Your Counter-marches, you must next perform
(Of dangerous use in fight in field, or storm)
The Chorean and Lacedemonian,
And the faining Macedonian:
Then last of all your motions, learn to wheel,
Which doth conclude this Martial Art to Drill.
Wherein, were all our Trained Bands well skil’d,
They’d leave their Ground to march into the Field;
And not be scar’d and frighted with Alarms,
For want of use in Handling their Arms;
Which Bingham, Hexham, Barriff, Elton, Ward,
And many others too (as I have heard)
Besides my self, who now have written part,
That from us all, you may learn all this Art:
And were I worthy, humbly should advise
Our Lord Lieutenant, and their Deputies,
To charge their Muster-master, when they view
Defaults of Armys, contempt of Persons too,
To see their Arms to be the Persons own,
And not then borrow’d, only to be shown,
And muster in Person, to fight by spell
Against our Foes, or Traytors that rebel:
Of whom our Church, or State, can’t be afraid
With fixed Arms, and ready men well paid;
Which will Restore to England and its Crown
The Subject’s Honour, and their King’s Renown.

Tactical drill broadsheet

And I shot those suckers and I’ll shoot the rest…



One response to “Rhymin’ and Drillin’”

  1. Gene Hughson says :

    Restoration proto-hip hop from MC Periwig 😉

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