Big Book of Horses

Now horses dance for their supper at the Olympics (dressage), but they used to fight for their food. So it’s worth noting that Gavin’s new book on horses and the English Civil War (or whatever people are calling the conflict these days) is just published:

Robinson, Gavin. Horses, People and Parliament in the English Civil War: Extracting Resources and Constructing Allegiance. Ashgate, 2012.

More info at his blog.

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3 responses to “Big Book of Horses”

  1. Gavin Robinson says :

    Thanks for the link. At 262 pages it’s more of a medium-sized book of horses.

  2. Erik Lund says :

    A $71 medium-sized book of horses at Amazon, not that I’m complaining, since that’s pretty good for an academic hardcover.

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