Danes, Dutchmen and Teagues, oh my!

Wienand Drenth of British Army Lineages notifies us of a new book :

Galster, Kjeld Hald. Danish troops in the Williamite army in Ireland, 1689-91. Four Courts Press, 2012.


This unique account of the Williamite War in Ireland focuses on the Danish troops who fought on the Williamite side. Comprising fifteen per cent of William III’s army at the Battle of the Boyne, this Danish force was to play a crucial role in some of the key engagements of the Williamite War. The author, Kjeld Hald Galster, who has served with the Danish Royal Life Guards (whose predecessors played a key role at the Battle of Aughrim), follows the Danish troops through the course of their Irish campaign, and, using a wide variety of Danish and British sources, illuminates the leading personalities and key events of the war. Galster also examines the various military strategies pursued by the leaders on both sides, and shows to what extent the Principles of War, as they are understood today, relate to that military campaign.

Wienand gives a review of it at his blog.


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One response to “Danes, Dutchmen and Teagues, oh my!”

  1. Wienand Drenth says :

    Thank you for posting on the publication of this book! It is at least something different from the many edited collections 🙂

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