One Year Blogoversary

One year ago today I posted my first substantive post to Skulking in Holes and Corners. 365 days later, I can report that it’s been more successful than I’d imagined:

  • 176 posts
  • 600 comments (one-third from me, but then it’s my blog after all)
  • 21,800 total views, 200 on the busiest day, and an average of 62 views per day. This includes views from dozens of countries from every continent (and I’m sure none of them were accidental clicks!). But none from Greenland or Madagascar – what gives? Represent, people.
  • Most popular post, to the extent that we can measure a single post separate from the main page was <drum roll…> The Reconquista, with 547 views – who woulda thunk it? Other popular posts include My personal journey with mapping and the Face of Battle.

Thanks for reading, and keep it up.

In case you needed an incentive to come back: future posts will include yet more on note-taking (Hooray!), a long review of a brand new book, and much much more.

My future posts on SMHBLOG will include defining the scope of early modern military history, and putting Clausewitz back in his early modern context. My posts there are scheduled to appear every other Friday – the other contributors each have their own dedicated day of the week as well (twice a month).


2 responses to “One Year Blogoversary”

  1. miz_geek says :

    Happy blogoversary, honey!

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