Interesting meta-library stats

Dan Cohen has a real interesting post on some data crunching from the HathiTrust project. It includes a number of graphs by John Wilkins that illustrate the ‘uniqueness’ of various research libraries’ holdings. Cool stuff, although some caveats are to be found in the comments (aren’t they always?).

Dan also mentions LibraryThing, a site where you can enter in your own libraries and share/compare with others. The site is mostly used for modern book aficionados, but it does include a LegacyLibraries section, where people have entered in historical figures’ libraries. Here’s an example of James Boswell. Might be something to play around with at some point. We could really use one dedicated to the early modern period, building off of Ira Gruber’s recent Books and the British Army in the Age of the American Revolution, preferably with all of Lynn’s Guide titles already entered in (or easily importable). Group libraries in Zotero might be another option. Zotero has a few plugins that allow some library visualizations: a timeline feature, as well as a plugin called Paper Machines (which I’ve never been able to get to work properly FWIW). So much to do, so little time…



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