Performances of Peace, Utrecht 2013

The program for the “Performances of Peace” conference in Utrecht next April is finally available. My paper on “Debating Marlborough’s Place among the Great Captains” will be in the Poetry of War panel – why not. I’ll be one of the few ‘traditional’ military historians presenting, but that fact didn’t stop the “Louis XIV Outside In” conference I presented at this past May from being really interesting. Looks like some interesting papers here as well; lots on diplomatic and political cultural topics.

This will also be the first conference I’ve attended where musical intermezzi are scheduled, which fits the Utrecht City Hall venue. For their part, the French commissioned original music and theatrical performances in honor of the tercentenary of Vauban’s death a few years back, so I guess it’s a European thing. Personally, I’m hoping there’ll be a Gangnam-style tribute to the Peace of Utrecht somewhere in there.

"Hey, sexy lady..."

“Hey, sexy lady…”

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3 responses to “Performances of Peace, Utrecht 2013”

  1. Ubik1970 says :

    Professor, will your paper on Marlborough be available to the general public (ie: me) at some stage.

    • jostwald says :

      Hopefully the papers I’m presenting will be incorporated into my battle book. It’s also common for special conferences like this to come out with published proceedings/edited volumes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens with this conference. Although it would likely only see the light of day several years from now.

      • Ubik1970 says :

        Your ‘battle book’ sounds exciting. No doubt you will keep us informed about publication details. Thank you for your reply.

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