Reinventing the wheel yet again…

ProfHacker article on a current PhD student (a fellow Buckeye even) reinventing the wheel of qualitative note-taking. Frequent skulkers (hey, I think I just found a name for all you blurkers!) are already familiar with my efforts 15 years earlier.

The specific note-taking requirements will obviously vary by discipline, project and methodology, so being able to create your own database provides the optimum flexibility. But most note-taking tasks are relatively generic, which means a modifiable template (with custom definable fields) could help many. George Mason’s Center for History and New Media really needs to resurrect and improve their old Scribe database – or merge it with Zotero. Or some enterprising digital humanist. Or somebody. Hell, offer me money and I’d consider releasing my Access database into the wild. As long as I don’t have to provide any support!

Even though many historians are still stuck in the note-card age (as the recent study of historical research suggests), digitized historical sources are the future (till the zombie apocalypse at least), so historians will need a system for organizing all these texts, photos of archival documents…

Won’t somebody think of the children?



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