Archival efficiency

For the record:



My first order: five full volumes from the Additional Manuscripts, requiring 1,782 jpgs – 2.66 GB.

Order placed online: 9 May
Order charged to credit card: 21 May
Estimated order completion date: 15 June
Dates volumes scanned (according to Date Modified properties of jpg metadata): 19-21 June
Credit card payment reimbursed by my institution: 20 June
Order completed and sent: 24 June
Order waiting in my mailbox: 28 June

‘Nuff said.



6 responses to “Archival efficiency”

  1. Andrew Tumath says :

    Looks like someone’s gone War-of-Succession-in-Spain crazy!

  2. Ben Trotter says :

    Remarkable! Compare this with some recent posts on H-France where scholars have given up hope in dealing with French archives from abroad and sought researchers on the spot to carry out their requests.

  3. midgardarts says :

    The BL is pretty good, depending on circumstances. However I cringe to think how much that cost you. They did ‘comp’ me some images from a codex which I didn’t specifically ask for. I suspect it was easier for them to just send the scan of the entire thing rather than pick out the leaves I wanted. Was a big help actually.

    Well, have fun.

  4. Björn Thegeby says :

    Me want!

  5. jostwald says :

    Just received orders 2 and 3 (of 4) – the day after the July 4th holiday.
    One DVD of 1695 jpgs @ 2.14 GB (4 vols: Add MSS 61517, 61551, 61553, 61559), and the other of 2059 jpgs @ 3.14 GB (5 vols: Add MSS 61503,-61507).
    For the record.

  6. jostwald says :

    For the record: final (4th) order arrived 13 July, mailed from London 4 July.
    5 volumes, 1259 jpgs, 2.45 GB. 5 volumes: Add MSS 22231, 28058, 61182, 61185, 61208.

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