While you were away

Or, more accurately, while I was away, I failed to blog on the following news stories:

  • BBC story on H.G. Wells and the beginning of modern war gaming here.
  • Looks like a renewed contest over Gibraltar is a-brewing – BBC story here. Hopefully the Spanish learned a thing or two from their 1704-1705 siege/blockade. I’m not sure the English of 1704 would’ve guessed that the “Rock” would be one of their most lasting imperial outposts.
All this over a piece of rock

All this over a piece of rock



5 responses to “While you were away”

  1. Gene Hughson says :

    Actually, all of this over who gets to control the gap that rock overlooks.

  2. Björn Thegeby says :

    In 1704-05 , Giraltar was not English, but a liberated possession of his Most Catholic Majesty King Charles III. The Governor was nominated by George of Hesse Darmstadt on behalf of Charles, as was his successor. Minorca was also a Austro-Spanish possession.

    Only at Utrecht did France and (now) Great Britain agree the transfer, acquiesced by Bourbon Spain. As Habsburg Spain was not party to the Treaty (and persisted for more than a year), does that mean that Gibraltar is really Austrian? and, do they really need the port:-)?

  3. Andy Tumath says :

    Remember remember, the 11th of September, the day that Barcelona fell to the Bourbons, and the War of Spanish Succession came to an end. Except for Cardona. And Mallorca.
    299 years ago today. I wonder what crazy goings on are going to happen next year…

    • jostwald says :

      And let’s not forget that lil’ skirmish at Blaregnies. Kind of striking to realize that there were 10 times as many casualties on that battlefield as in NYC, DC and Pennsylvania on 9/11/2001.

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