That time of the year

Much like early modern military planners in April, I’ve been consumed with the beginning of the campaign season, otherwise known as the beginning of the academic year.

This semester I’m teaching Western Civ part deux, as well as my upper-level ‘European warfare, 1337-1815’ course. For those interested in the topics, here you go:


Studying War and the Military
The Discipline of Military History
The Age of Cavalry
The Hundred Years War
Medieval Military Thought
Causes of Early Modern War
Gunpowder Weapons
Gunpowder Fortifications
Infantry Tactics
Noble Warriors
The Ottoman Wars
Ottoman Warfare
The Wars of Italy
The Italian School of War
The Valois-Habsburg wars
The French Wars of Religion
Religion in the French Wars of Religion
Dutch Revolt (Eighty Years War)
16C Warfare in the Netherlands
Thirty Years War
17C Warfare
Experience of the Thirty Years War
Louis XIV’s wars
Warfare in the age of Louis XIV
Siegecraft – Ath 1697
Operations – 1706 campaign
Rise of Prussia
Frederick the Great’s Wars
Mid-18C Battle Tactics
18C Warfare
French Revolutionary wars
French Revolutionary warfare
Napoleonic Wars 1796-1804
Napoleonic Wars 1805-1811
Napoleonic Wars 1812-1815
Partisan & Guerrilla War
Clausewitz & Modern War

Sorry, but if you want to see the assigned readings, you’ll need to pay tuition!


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