The continuing relevance of pre-modern warfare

If only…

Obama Assures Americans Syria Will Not Be Another 1456 Ottoman Siege of Belgrade


2 responses to “The continuing relevance of pre-modern warfare”

  1. Gene Hughson says :

    Neither politicians nor the public have much of a handle on 20th century history. If they even realized that there was history from the 15th, that would be a miracle.

  2. Erik Lund says :

    History? Everyone knows there was history back then. There’s even a song about it: “Thunder and lightning, very very frightening/Galileo, Galileo!”

    Okay, sure, 17th Century versus 15th, but they’re both odd-numbered centuries, and Copernicus and Columbus were both kind of like Galileo, and they both make it into the 15th.

    And just to anticipate the obvious objection, Columbus was not cooler than Galileo just because he met Bugs Bunny once.

    At this point I would take my tongue out of my cheek and suggest that we live in a deeply historical world once we move away from reliance on “the right kind” of sources, and an underexamined criteria of accuracy.Even the idea that history is a set of received myths is subject to deconstruction when we drill down for heterodox “popular culture” readings.

    Oh, God, I just made a sympathetic comment about <i?Cheese and the Worms.

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