Random Powerpoint slide

‘Twill be a busy year, so discussion of Marlborough et al must wait.

But in the meantime, I present a semi-randomly selected slide from my European warfare course. We just covered early gunpowder weapons, so I summarized Kelly DeVries’ chronology (I think it’s pretty similar to the more recent The Artillery of the Dukes of Burgundy).

Early gunpowder development

Early gunpowder development

Lessons learned? Technology takes a long time to standardize and optimize, and there will always be certain usage scenarios where older technology may still be adequate.


3 responses to “Random Powerpoint slide”

  1. Wayne says :

    stolen. and in return I’d like to contribute my own comparative version, but can’t post a jpg here. will email

  2. Wayne Lee says :

    stolen. Attaching my comparative version!

    Wayne E. Lee Professor of History Chair of the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense wlee@unc.edu http://www.unc.edu/~welee http://www.amazon.com/Wayne-E.-Lee/e/B001KHRXKW/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

  3. Gene Hughson says :

    Interesting…I never would have guessed that corned powder would pre-date iron shot.

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