Page from mid18C English manual on logistics

For those interested, I offer a semi-random page from a mid-18C work that provides lots of interesting tidbits of info.

Contemporary Logistics

Contemporary Logistics

Source: Impartial hand, A System of Camp-discipline Military Honours, Garrison-duty, and Other Regulations for the Land Forces. Collected by a Gentleman of the Army. … To Which Is Added, General Kane’s Campaigns of King William and the Duke of Marlborough, ...



2 responses to “Page from mid18C English manual on logistics”

  1. Gary Dickson says :


    It’s interesting how a colonel in the life guard received twice as much (money?) for food than a colonel in a foot regiment. By the way, this book is available in Google Books.

  2. Erik Lund says :

    The ostensible explanation is that the life guard colonel has more horses in his retinue. But that gets to the whole commutation issue that makes it so difficult to disentangle logistics from finance from this kind of document. And let’s not even get started on “pain de munition!”

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