Reminder to give companies your personal information

In case you needed a reminder, you should sign up for publisher emails. Just yesterday I received an email from Boydell & Brewer alerting me to their 48-hour 40%-off online sale starting December 2. Just in time for Cyber-Monday. Of course it’s not an exclusive email offer, so if you’re of the paranoid variety, I suppose you could just surf the publisher websites. And in the holiday spirit, their websites will even give you cookies!

Beats lining up to get into W*llmart on Thanksgiving day. Because I’m sure the Walton family has all the latest releases in the Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History series.



One response to “Reminder to give companies your personal information”

  1. Erik Lund says :

    Thanks for that, Jamal. Now I’m going to get a a pallet of early modern historical monographs to warehouse in my nonexistent back room next to the over-ordered tissue paper and excess Pepsi.

    (Anyone want to buy some delicious Pepsi Max? Everyone else is saving it for you!)

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