Jacobites bite back

Recent book out:

Oates, Jonathan. The Jacobite Campaigns: The British State at War. Pickering and Chatto, 2011.

The military aspects of the Jacobite campaigns in eighteenth-century Britain are considered in this study. Taken from the viewpoint of those loyal to the Hanoverian Crown, the three mainland campaigns of 1715–6, 1719 and 1745–6 are examined, using research based on primary sources: memoirs, diaries, letters, newspapers and state papers.

Oates looks at how the eighteenth-century military machine operated in a domestic context, as well as its effectiveness. Such a focus adds a new dimension to the study of this period, and allows for further questions as to the uniqueness of the Jacobite rebellions.

Now 75% off if you subscribe to their email list. Or, I suppose they could buck the trend and only charge $25 for the book in the first place. But that horse has already left the barn, as they saw.

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2 responses to “Jacobites bite back”

  1. Martin Gibson says :

    Possibly done to differential pricing? Initially charge a high price for libraries and academic specialists who have to buy it, then cut the price for those who would like to read it but will settle for a library copy at $99.

    Alternatively, it could be a one off to get more people to subscribe to their email list, If so, it has worked in my case.

  2. Erik Lund says :

    75% off? So tempting. On a more engaged note, I am pleased to see someone engaging the whole Whig Ascendancy’s, “The Jacobites? There is much to be said … Look, over there, Elvisl!” strategy of presenting three challenges to the regime in less than thirty years as an irrelevant and doomed challenge to the inevitable rise of the modern British state.

    Also, it’s very, very, very cool to see the master of Bamburgh Castle rise against the South one last time. Winter is Coming!

    Er, sorry. Mixing up my imaginariums again..

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