SMH conference 2014

The SMH released its program for the upcoming annual conference in April. Several panels of note to EMEMHians:

  • Your now-standard panels on Ancient warfare and early American warfare, while Chinese military history continues to go strong.

    Chair: Margaret Sankey, Minnesota State University at Moorhead

    Feeding Mars in the Indian Ocean: Portuguese Logistics in the 16th Century
    Roger Lee de Jesus, University of Coimbra, Portugal

    A Wilderness of Uncertainty: Intelligence during the Battle of Trenton, 1776
    Brice Coates, University of Calgary

    The Promise of War: Military Subsidy Treaties and Payments, 1688-1714
    Thomas Nora, University of Hull


    Chair: Joseph F. Guilmartin, Ohio State University

    “They Will Burn Us within the Blockhouse while They Escape with Their Lives…”: Native American Responses to European Violence in the South East and Beyond
    Matt Jennings, Macon State College

    Death, Savagery, and Survival in Early Modern European Siege Warfare
    Mario Rizzo, University of Pavia

    Terror in Pre Colonial African Warfare
    Tim Stapleton, University of Trent

    Creating a Den for the Yellow Tiger: Accounts of Zhang Xianzhong’s “Cleansing of Sichuan”
    Kenneth M. Swope, University of Southern Mississippi


    Chair: John F. Guilmartin, Ohio State University

    The American Crisis: Perceptions of War, 1775-1777
    Jonathan Romaneski, Ohio State University

    Methodical Preparations and Unnecessary Delay: British and Cherokee Perceptions of Warfare in the 1758 Forbes Campaign
    Jessica Wallance, Ohio State University

    The Exact and True Relation of Bloody Battle: English Perceptions of the Nature of the 30 Years War, 1629-37
    James Tucker, Ohio State University

    A True and Godly Cause: Religion as a Casus Belli in Reformation Europe
    Denice Fett, University of North Florida

  • Panel on ALBION BETWEEN THE WARS, 1748-1756Chair: Kristofer Ray, Austin Peay State UniversityThe Sources of Military Reform: The British Army and the Inter War Years, 1748-1756
    Patrick Speelman, US Merchant Marine Academy

    The Defense of British North America between the Wars, 1748-1754
    Thomas Agostini, South Dakota State University

    Britannia Aggressor?: Posturing for Peace or War in the Atlantic World, 1748-56
    Matt Schumann, Eastern Michigan University

I won’t be attending, so somebody needs to take good notes for me.



9 responses to “SMH conference 2014”

  1. Andy Tumath says :

    In case it’s of interest to the esteemed readers of this blog, there’s another conference taking place in April – it’s specifically on the War of Spanish Succession and will be held in Barcelona. There’ll only be one talk in English, it seems, plus a few in French, but the bulk will be in Spanish or Catalan. The link for conference details is, but unfortunately there does not appear to be an English translation.

  2. jegrenier says :

    So, what’s the best biography of John Ligonier? That last panel has gotten me thinking in advance … 🙂

    • jostwald says :

      Why Wikipedia of course!
      FWIW, the WIkipedians were way ahead of me on the London Gazette’s accessibility – they cited issues from it in the Ligonier article back in 2012.

  3. jegrenier says :

    So do we think we can get copies (understanding that they are working papers and therefore non-attributional) posted here? I was really interested in the Albion panel, but could not make it.

    • jostwald says :

      I would assume we’d (you’d!) need to contact the individual authors, though I’m skeptical that many are willing to post their papers up online. However, if there was someone who attended the panel and would be willing to post a summary, that would be useful – the SMHBLOG would be the obvious place for this. The SMH membership presumably isn’t yet at the stage where attendees are live blogging (or tweeting) the panels. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)
      At the least, members of the SMH should ask the leadership/conference directors to include Abstracts with the program, or at least post them online. This would make attending the conference MUCH more useful, as well as allow non-attenders to follow up on interesting papers. Limit access to “members only” if it matters. So often it’s a real crap shoot as to what a paper is really about, and it’s particularly difficult when the program committee (yet again) schedules early modern panels against one another: two EMEMH in Session 10 and two in Session 4. Abstracts would allow attendees to better judge which panel (or papers) are worth attending when they have to make such decisions.

    • Chris Tubbs says :

      I was hoping to see you at this panel (I’m making the logical assumption that you are the same J.E. Grenier that I know and saw at Panel #1)

      The Albion panel was very interesting even though one of the panelists couldn’t make it. Thomas Agostini described difficulties the British encountered in defending North America and Matt Schumann discussed British foreign policy, especially in relation with France. This led to an interesting discussion about British “means” (Agostini’s paper) not aligning well with British “ends” (Schumann’s paper). I also thought Commentator Mark Danley did a great job providing comments to help the panelists and to highlight that military history is more than just wars and battles (as these papers covering an inter war period adequately showed).

      I had subsequent email discussions with Matt Schumann and he said he wanted to hold on to his paper until it is closer to publication quality. I don’t know if Thomas Agostini is willing to share at this time.

      Sorry about the late post – I’ll have to make sure to subscribe to more threads so that I can be more timely

  4. jegrenier says :

    Dang, J, I thought you were the center of all things re: this. I’ll bug them for copies, understanding that a lot of folks keep their working stuff close hold. I think your suggestions for SMH are spot on … I know some of the SMH trustees frequent this blog. To whom do we (you!) make that suggestion.

    • jostwald says :

      I’ve made such a request in the past, but you (anyone) could go to the SMH website and choose one of the officers to contact, or more than one. Presumably the conference program committee members rotate, so one of the more permanent members might be a better bet?

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