But how will the children read Script Ohio?

Yet Another Chronicle article on cursive script dying with a flourish – this time from a university rare-book librarian responding to an undergrad researcher who doesn’t “do” cursive. Money quote:

An informal survey of rare-book librarians and archivists indicates that our experience at Illinois is not uncommon. Research on manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th century is no longer possible for most undergraduates at American colleges.

So sign your 8-11 year old up for their summer “Camp Cursive” – and make sure they know what a long-s is, while you’re at it.

This story also gives me an excuse to post the following advertisement that I just came across. From the 1712.12.27 issue of the British Mercury, a newspaper intended for those busy business executives and bureaucrats on-the-go:


Three hundred years ago somebody apparently thought cursive printed documents came with their own tamper-evident seal.

Print Ohio?




One response to “But how will the children read Script Ohio?”

  1. Erik Lund says :

    Oh noes! The younger generation today, with their emu hippity-hop music and their baggy pants!

    I’d go on, but I have approximately a billion more things on the Internet to get upset about today before my caffeine buzz wears off.

    Also: Ohio? You have a wildly unique and idiosyncratic popular culture, and you don’t get nearly enough credit for it.

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