What are you working on?

Though I still am working on many projects, I enjoyed reading through a few old blog posts and appreciating the knowledge and contributions made by various commenters. Combining this with the idea of sharing information with fellow EMEMHians (in this post), I figured the least I could do was start a thread dedicated to people interested in sharing their current research projects on EMEMH topics. If it’s popular, it could become a semi-regular feature of the blog. If not, I’ll delete any evidence that this post ever existed.

As of July 2015, I’m working on several projects (I’ll leave out the shamefully-late book reviews I need to complete). If you’ve been a faithful skulker, you shouldn’t be surprised at the topics:

  1. Finishing up final revisions to a chapter on the War of the Spanish Succession for an iBook textbook. It’s targeted for the undergraduate cadets taking the first half of West Point’s History of Warfare course, and provides a broad overview of the war (all theaters, with operational/strategic focus), maybe 2800 words of text and 43 maps and illustrations. Hopefully my chapter will be available for sale to the general public someday, but they already have some sample chapters available here.
    Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.56.13 PM
  2. Writing a book chapter for a collection, The World of the Siege (tentative title). My chapter explores contemporary portrayals of sieges as sites of honor and dishonor. It focuses on the challenges defining what an “honorable” defense was by illustrating how both participants and observers during the WSS crafted and contested claims to honor during a siege. Capitulations play a large role. Hopefully the edited collection will be published by Brill next year (2017 at the latest) – Anke Fischer-Kattner is the main editor, and I’m co-editor.
  3. Working on a paper for a conference this November on how the French viewed field battles during the WSS. The exact focus is somewhat amorphous at this point, because I need to finish reading a very detailed French thesis on the subject before I can figure out what exact angle I’ll take.
  4. My recent shift back to Louis XIV’s France has put my book on the English cult of battle on the back burner for the time being, though the French projects are natural outgrowths of the same themes I’m addressing in the Marlborough book. I continue to amass more sources, quotes, and ideas for the book, but it looks like next summer will be the summer of Marlborough. Funny how invitations to contribute to other projects make you reprioritize your research…

So what are you up to? Try to keep your summaries to a few sentences for each major project. And feel free to query any projects people post.


17 responses to “What are you working on?”

  1. Wienand Drenth says :

    Not working in academia of course, still I hope still worth to mention:

    1. The First Colonial Soldiers, a survey of British overseas territories and their garrisons, 1650-1714, in two volumes. Written by Wienand Drenth and Jonathon Riley. Just finished in May 2015.

    2. The Prisoners of War taken at the battle of Almansa, a case study into the reception and treatment of prisoners of war during the War of the Spanish Succession. A collaboration with a Spanish historian working in academia) who did much research into this prisoners topic. Essentially an English (first ever?) translation and compilation of his work. Added will be lists of officers taken prisoner (Dutch, English and Portuguese) with regimental information.

    • Björn Thegeby says :

      Martinez Radio? He knows his subject..

      • Wienand Drenth says :

        Martinez-Radio Garrido indeed. Never met him, unfortunately. I am currently editing the part he compiled for the forthcoming publication. Based on his other work and very interesting and full of subtleties of the early modern period that are unknown to modern men.

  2. Martin Jordan says :

    I am just about to submit a Thesis to The University of Buckingham entitled “Marlborough Master of Logistics” which includes translations from Olaf van Nimwegen’s book not previously available in the English language. Martin Jourdan

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  3. Erik Lund says :

    A monograph on the settlement of the Atlantic; and two blogs that take all my time so that I never find time to write the monograph.

  4. Bob Fulton says :

    Working on polishing my article on the archives de la guerre for French Historical Studies and finishing the dissertation on information management and the civilian administration of Louis XIV’s army. I expect to defend in December.

  5. Caleb Karges says :

    I’m on the verge of submitting my doctoral thesis on the Austro-British alliance during the War of the Spanish Succession. I just have to finish writing my conclusion.

    • jostwald says :

      Hey Caleb: a topic that hasn’t gotten much attention, so I’m sure there’ll be some interesting findings. Any publications coming soon? Or conferences state-side? 😉

      • Caleb Karges says :

        I don’t have any conferences or publications coming up in the near future. That’s all been on the backburner while I try to finish up the thesis, arrange a wedding, and start a new job at Concordia Irvine. I want to go to the Society for Military History conference in Ottawa next year, I just need to think of a paper. Do you of any conferences or workshops of interest EMEMHs?

  6. jostwald says :

    Caleb: I’ll send you an email.

    • jegrenier says :

      Got an idea for a panel … might be inetresting to compare how and when the British tried to terminate conflict across the WSS, WAS, and & 7YW. I think there’s something there about how the differences between Continental and Imperial considerations influenced how British statesmen tried to extract GB from wars. Of course, I won’t be in Ottawa because no one will pick up my tab (I’m retired from Academia) and I don’t pay to give it away for free, but some of y’all might want to pursue something along these lines. Or not. Cheers

  7. jegrenier says :

    My farm :). And a biography of Robert Rogers, which I don’t expect to finish any time soon. All the major research is done, and now its down to making sense of the notes and building a narrative with the embedded argument. I know what I want to say, but finding the time to say itas well as the proper sequence of words, is not easy. Not that I’m whining. As I noted elsewhere on this blog, I’d really like to do some work on John Ligonier, who seems to me to be a fascinating character but has been without a scholarly biograohy for almost half a century now. But that will have to wait. Sen from iPad … please pardon my typos.

  8. Boris Megorsky says :

    A monograph on sieges and storms of the GNW.

    • jostwald says :

      Cool – hope it’ll be in English! Back in early grad school (before I switched to western Europe), I actually wanted to write a book about that! I suppose 25 years isn’t too long to wait…

  9. Thomas Nora says :

    I am finishing my dissertation on treaties during the Nine Years and Spanish Succession Wars (1688-1714). While some of these treaties are very well known, I am also including the numerous conventions, contracts, and capitulations concluded between states to sustain coalition armies throughout Europe.

  10. Andrew Tumath says :

    An unfocussed Britain, Spain, WoSS project that is desperately neglected due to a new job and a new house. And a podcast series that is suffering from even greater neglect.

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