As Efficient As They Wanna Be

Turns out the Service historique de la Défense can be pretty darn efficient, if you know the right people (Thanks Bertrand!). The long-running saga of ordering microfilm from the French military archives has come to a successful conclusion. As proof, I offer Exhibit A:

All good things...

All good things…

For those who must pry: nine volumes on eleven reels. Four volumes on Flemish administrative matters during 1706, as well as several volumes of Chamlay’s mémoires. And as a bonus, most of them are positive exposures!

The timeline:

  • Order placed via email: 2 June.
  • Order charged to credit card: 22 June.
  • Order processed and snail mail notification sent: 6 July.
  • Order delivered: 13 July.

Now I just have to scan them in and read them, which will require learning Chamlay’s handwriting. Good thing I’ve got office hours in the fall.



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