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Organizing GTD in Pocket Informant


Only read further if you want to learn, in gory detail, about how I implement Getting Things Done. You’ve been warned.


In case you don’t already know the basics of GTD and how it interacts with the app I use (Pocket Informant), here’s the way I use it now, a significant modification from my previous post:

Putting it all together: my sequential Get Promoted to Full project includes a task Collect Promotion materials, which can only be done in the Context @ECSU Office (because that’s where the relevant files are), has a Tag of Career, and the GTD Action is set at None because the entire Get Promoted to Full project is a series of sequential tasks and PI will automatically promote the next task in the list to Next Action when it’s its turn. This particular task doesn’t have a date assigned, though I could define one if I knew for certain I was going to be in on a particular day. Another task in the Get Promoted to Full project might be Get P&T recommendation letter from Elena, which would have a Waiting For Action. When I do my weekly review, I will be reminded that I’m waiting for Elena when reviewing my Waiting For list, so maybe I should check in with her.

Pocket Informant Task View

So that’s the basics.