New Works, Winter 2015-2016 edition

For those of an EMEMH bent.

Stansfield, Stewart. Early Modern Systems of Command: Queen Anne’s Generals, Staff Officers and the Direction of Allied Warfare in the Low Countries and Germany, 1702-1711. Helion and Company, 2016.
With the most distinctive About the Author blurb I’ve read.


Palaver, Wolfgang, Harriet Rudolph, and Dietmar Regensburger, eds. The European Wars of Religion: An Interdisciplinary Reassessment of Sources, Interpretations, and Myths. Farnham, Surrey, England, UK: Routledge, 2016.
Table of Contents:
1 Religion and Violence in the Hussite Wars, Pavel Soukup
2 Religion, War, and Violence in the Swiss Confederation, Thomas Lau
3 Were the French Wars of Religion Really Wars of Religion? Philip Benedict
4 Religious Wars in the Holy Roman Empire? From the Schmalkaldic War to the Thirty Years War, Harriet Rudolph
5 England’s Wars of Religion: A Reassessment, Charles W. A. Prior
6 Justifying Force in Early Modern Doctrines on Self-defence and Resistance, Luise Schorn-Schütte
7 Secularization of the Holy: A Reading of the ‘Wars of Religion’, William T. Cavanaugh
8 The Modern State or the Myth of ‘Political Violence’, Paul Dumouchel
9 The Modern Military–Humanitarian Hybrid State: A Response to Paul Dumouchel, Bruce Ward
10 Confessional Wars and Religious Violence in Christianity from a Theological Viewpoint, Ralf Miggelbrink
11 Religion and Violence: The Case of Wars in the Former Yugoslavia, Janez Juhant
12 The Debate About the European Wars of Religion as a Challenge to Interdisciplinary Cooperation, Wolfgang Palaver


Lamal, Nina. “Publishing Military Books in the Low Countries and in Italy in the Early Seventeenth Century.” In Specialist Markets in the Early Modern Book World, edited by S. Mullins and R. Kirwan, 222–39. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2015.


And coming soon…
Hanlon, Gregory. Italy 1636: Cemetery of Armies. Oxford University Press, 2016.

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