Catch up, Post-First-Snow-Flurries 2016 edition

Busy with various projects, including designing a digital history lab.

But I did attend the Joe Guilmartin memorial conference earlier this semester, where the attendees alternated between laughing at our collective recitation of Guilmartin’s many bons mots, and growing contemplative (and perhaps wiping away a stray tear or two) as his former advisees testified to his impact on their academic careers.

My contribution to the proceedings was to open up the conference with a broad think-piece about developing a more precise taxonomy/typology of the levels of war, spurred by JFG’s introduction to the subject long long ago. A few examples of the course materials he handed out in his seminal European Warfare course.

1st page of JFG syllabus, circa 1993 - note the early use of visuals.

1st page of JFG syllabus, circa 1993 – note the early use of visuals.

JFG Definitions and Tactics handout

JFG Definitions and Tactics handout


So here’s the revised “strategy” matrix. There are plans for conference proceedings, wherein I’ll explicate the below chart (and much more), and add a few more levels. So feel free to leave suggestions or comments. especially about those pesky column labels.

Next draft of military techniques (was Strategy Matrix, but I'm having issues with the term "strategy")

Next draft of military operational techniques (was “Strategy Matrix”, but I’m having issues with the term “strategy”). The gray cells are generally more extreme war objectives, often described as “total war.”


4 responses to “Catch up, Post-First-Snow-Flurries 2016 edition”

  1. raherrera says :

    Thanks for sharing your work and Joe’s, Jamal. I hope you’ll continue to do so.

  2. J. Prince says :

    I am wondering what happened with finishing out the War of the Spanish Succession podcast. In the middle of your fascinating podcast I am now left without your narration to finish same???

    • jostwald says :

      I’d like to say I’ve been doing a podcast on the WSS, but perhaps you’re thinking of Andrew Tumath’s? For myself, I’m just trying to drag myself through the end of the semester before I can try to finally finish a few, small, way-overdue research projects, learn ArcGIS, set up a digital history computer lab, set up my new MacBook Pro, and prepare for (the) Enlightenment in Spring semester. And maybe I’ll have something more to say on the blog, but right now there are other things on my proverbial plate.

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