This blog hopes to facilitate communication between the rarest of beasts, early modern European military historians (EMEMHians – but please give me a better idea for a name).
Specifically, this informal academic blog seeks to:

  1. Create a better sense of community among EMEMHians who are widely dispersed geographically and often securely-wedged within specific national historiographies.
  2. Make it easier to find and discuss EMEMH historiography, research, methods and resources.
  3. Promote EMEMH to a broader audience, although I hope the core of this blog will consist of academically-inclined participants.

I hope to do so by providing a platform for interesting subject matter, scintillating discussion, and professional resources on all aspects, big and small, related to the period and topic.

Of course I can’t do this long-term without your help, so this blog will ultimately sink or swim based on how willing we are to identify ourselves as a subcategory of early modernists/military historians.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!


About the blog title: This was a phrase used by English authors in the period to contrast their own manly way of fighting with the French penchant for “skulking in holes and corners.” Plus, it’s a pretty good description of the work of early modern historians!
The header image illustrates sappers excavating a siege trench, from one of Vauban’s treatises on siegecraft.

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