In case anyone cares about my policy on mentioning/reviewing works on the blog:

I’m an academic historian and have a stable teaching job, so I receive no payment for my blog posts and I do not financially profit in any tangible sense from my posts. If I did, I’d need to move it to a different platform, since doesn’t allow for-profit blogs.

To date I haven’t had time to do any formal reviews for the blog, but I frequently mention new publications. On occasion someone may send me a publication and I may or may not review it, and will mention if I received a copy. At the least I will mention the work, just as I would any work I find on my own, since one of the goals of this blog is to advertise (in an academic sense) works in EMEMH, because that’s what academics do. But such publications sent to me are not given preferential treatment, and I do not solicit them. Since there are so few works in EMEMH, I’ll usually enthusiastically recommend each one, or not. Do not consider my posts as formal academic endorsements.

I do not participate in programs like Amazon’s affiliate program, where I would receive money for links readers click on.

99.9999% of all the works I mention I have either acquired personally or looked at via libraries, online databases, etc.

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