EMEMH Titles

Here is the revised list of EMEMH publications – apologies for the cramped space, but it seems to be a function of the template I selected.

See here for initial methodology, and click on the Publishing tag for discussion. At the end of this long table is discussion of miscellaneous notes on the variables themselves.

Due to display size constraints, I have more variables than those displayed in the table here and also had to truncate some of the info. If you want the data to play around with, contact me.

Let me know of any corrections or additions.

Pgs: number of pages (from Amazon).
$: price of the book in (December) 2011 U.S. dollars according to Amazon.
PB?: Is the book available in paperback? 0 = yes, 1 = no.
Pop/Ac: Is the work an academic work, a popular work, or a popular work put out by an academic press.
#YrStd: Number of years covered in the book, with a minimum of 10 years (even for case studies).
War: War title covers. Sometime I’ll post up my abbreviations, but you can probably figure them out for yourself!
Country: What country title covers. If more than one, “Europe.”
Subject: The main subject matter – is it fundamentally a book about a war? a battle? War and Society?…

Year Publisher Author Title Pgs $ PB? Pop/Ac #YrStd War Country Subject
2000 Birlinn Limited Stoye The Siege of Vienna 240 $15 0 AcPop 10 Ott Austria Siege
2000 Brill Manetsch Theodore Beza and the Quest for Peace in France, 1572-1598 380 $138 1 Ac 23 FWR France RWP
2000 Emperor’s Duffy Instrument of War: The Austrian Army in the Seven Years War 256 $65 1 Pop 10 7YW Austria Army
2000 INOS Luh Ancien Regime Warfare and the Military Revolution 210 1 Ac 90 7YW Europe MilRev
2000 Longman Knecht The French civil wars, 1562-1598 360 $37 0 AcPop 36 FWR France Survey
2000 Longman Schieder Frederick the Great 304 $35 0 AcPop 42 Multiple Germany Biography
2000 Longman Frost The Northern Wars: war, state, and society in northeastern Europe, 1558-1721 416 $69 0 AcPop 163 GNoW Sweden W&S
2000 Penguin Chandler Marlborough as Military Commander 408 $33 0 Pop 27 WSS Britain Biography
2000 Routledge Glete Warfare at Sea, 1500-1650: Maritime Conflicts and the Transformation of Europe 256 $4 0 Ac 150 Multiple Europe Naval
2000 Sutton Black Culloden and the ’45 252 $30 0 Pop 10 ’45 Britain Battle
2000 Sutton Barratt Cavaliers: the royalist army at war, 1642-1646 256 $17 0 Pop 10 BCW Britain Army
2000 Sutton Edwards Dealing in Death: The Arms Trade and the British Civil Wars, 1638-1652 304 $55 1 Pop 14 BCW Britain W&S
2000 Yale Allen Philip III and the Pax Hispanica, 1598-1621: The Failure of Grand Strategy 352 $66 1 Ac 23 DR Spain Strategy
2000 Yale Parker The Grand Strategy of Philip II 472 $35 0 Ac 42 DR Spain Strategy
2001 Boydell Wiggins Anatomy of a Siege: King John’s Castle, Limerick, 1642 328 $72 1 Ac 10 BCW Britain Siege
2001 Brill Murdoch Scotland and the Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648 328 $178 1 Ac 30 30YW Britain Country
2001 Brill Lenihan Conquest and Resistance: War in Seventeenth Century Ireland 380 $204 1 Ac 100 Multiple Britain Country
2001 Cambridge Parrott Richelieu’s Army: War, Government and Society in France, 1624-1642 628 $142 1 Ac 18 FrSp France W&S
2001 Cassell Childs Warfare in the Seventeenth Century 240 $18 0 Pop 100 Multiple Europe Survey
2001 Cassell Arnold The Renaissance at War 240 $18 0 Pop 100 ValHab Europe Survey
2001 Cork Lenihan Confederate Catholics at war, 1641-49 320 $36 1 Ac 10 BCW Britain Army
2001 Longman Lenman England’s Colonial Wars, 1550-1688: Conflicts, Empire and National Identity 320 $60 0 AcPop 138 Multiple Britain Global
2001 Penn State Dunning Russia’s First Civil War: The Time of Troubles and the Founding of the Romanov Dynasty 657 $99 1 Ac 15 Troubles Russia War
2001 Tuckwell Macdougall An Antidote to the English: The Auld Alliance 1295-1560 168 1 AcPop 265 Multiple Britain Country
2001 UCL Fissel English Warfare, 1511-1641 400 $38 0 Ac 130 Multiple Britain Country
2002 Ashgate von Arni Justice to the Maimed Soldier: Nursing, Medical Care and Welfare for Sick and Wounded Families during the English Civil Wars and Interregnum, 1642-1660 283 $150 1 Ac 18 BCW Britain Medical
2002 Basic Books Parker Success is Never Final: Empire, War and Faith in Early Modern Europe 432 1 Pop 150 Multiple Europe Edited
2002 Brill Kunzle From Criminal to Courtier: The Soldier in Netherlandish Art 1550-1672 824 $315 1 Ac 122 Multiple Netherlands Art
2002 Cambridge Hughes Politics, Society and Civil War in Warwickshire, 1620-1660 412 $74 1 Ac 40 BCW Britain W&S
2002 Cambridge Sonnino Louis XIV and the Origins of the Dutch War 252 $41 0 Ac 10 DW France Diplo
2002 Cambridge Rowlands The Dynastic State and the Army under Louis XIV: Royal Service and Private Interest 1661-1701 432 $57 0 Ac 40 Multiple France W&S
2002 Cambridge Tracy Emperor Charles V, Impresario of War: Campaign Strategy, International Finance, and Domestic Politics 362 $37 0 Ac 43 Multiple Spain W&S
2002 Chicago Churchill Marlborough: His Life and Times 1,050 $78 0 AcPop 27 WSS Britain Biography
2002 Edinburgh Roberts The Jacobite wars 256 $38 0 Ac 10 Multiple Britain War
2002 Foundry Heath Armies of England, Scotland, Ireland, the United Provinces, and the Spanish Netherlands 1487-1609 160 $315 1 Pop 122 Multiple Europe Army
2002 Greenwood Speelman Henry Lloyd and the Military Enlightenment of Eighteenth-Century Europe 240 $105 1 Ac 40 Multiple Britain Biography
2002 Greenwood Guthrie Battles of the Thirty Years War: from White Mountain to Nordlingen, 1618-1635 352 $120 1 Ac 17 30YW Germany Battle
2002 Oxford Housley Religious Warfare in Europe, 1400-1536 248 $45 0 Ac 136 Multiple Europe RWP
2002 Penguin Parker The Dutch Revolt 336 $16 0 AcPop 53 DR Netherlands War
2002 Phoenix Henderson Prince Eugen of Savoy: A Biography 336 $32 0 Pop 45 WSS Austria Biography
2002 Routledge Wheeler The Irish and British wars, 1637-1654: triumph, tragedy, and failure 288 $41 0 Ac 17 BCW Britain War
2002 Routledge Black European Warfare, 1494-1660 240 $36 0 Ac 166 Multiple Europe Survey
2002 Routledge Glete War and the state in early modern Europe: Spain, the Dutch Republic and Sweden as fiscal-military states, 1500-1660 288 $38 0 Ac 160 Multiple Europe W&S
2002 Routledge Lee The Thirty Years War 73 $30 0 Ac 30 30YW Germany War
2002 Spellmount Falkner Great and Glorious Days: Schellenberg, Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet 264 $20 0 Pop 10 WSS Britain Battle
2002 Sussex Academic Glozier The Huguenot soldiers of William of Orange and the Glorious Revolution of 1688: The Lions of Judah 228 $33 0 Ac 10 9YW France Biography
2003 Ashgate Pursell The Winter King: Frederick V of the Palatinate and the Coming of the Thirty Years’ War 336 $90 1 Ac 14 30YW Germany Biography
2003 Boydell Hopkin Soldier and Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870 408 $90 1 Ac 104 Multiple France W&S
2003 Brill Satterfield Princes, Posts and Partisans: The Army of Louis XIV and Partisan Warfare in the Netherlands (1673-1678) 312 $42 0 Ac 10 DW France War
2003 Cambridge Potter War and Government in the French Provinces: Picardy 1470-1560 412 $61 0 Ac 90 Multiple France W&S
2003 Cambridge Bireley The Jesuits and the Thirty Years War: Kings, Courts, and Confessors 320 $49 1 Ac 30 30YW Germany RWP
2003 Cambridge Ingrao The Hessian Mercenary State: Ideas, institutions and reform under Frederick II, 1760-1785 256 $53 0 Ac 25 Multiple Germany W&S
2003 Cambridge Goodman Spanish Naval Power, 1589-1665: Reconstruction and Defeat 328 $50 0 Ac 76 DR Spain Naval
2003 Emperor’s Duffy Prussia’s Glory: Rossbach and Leuthen 1757 208 $33 1 Pop 10 7YW Germany Battle
2003 Exeter Stoyle Circle With Stone: Exeter’s City Walls, 1485-1660 240 $75 1 Ac 175 Multiple Britain Siege
2003 Greenwood Guthrie The Later Thirty Years War: From the Battle of Wittstock to the Treaty of Westphalia 320 $92 1 Ac 22 30YW Germany Battle
2003 iUniverse Young European War and Diplomacy, 1337-1815: A Bibliography 308 $22 0 Ac 478 Multiple Europe Reference
2003 Longman Hochedlinger Austria’s Wars of Emergence: War, State and Society in the Habsburg Monarchy 1683-1797 488 $32 0 AcPop 114 Multiple Austria W&S
2003 MIT Langins Conserving the Enlightenment: French Military Engineering from Vauban to the Revolution 568 $60 1 Ac 110 Multiple France W&S
2003 Naval Institute Guilmartin Gunpowder and galleys: changing technology and Mediterranean warfare at sea in the sixteenth century 352 $33 1 Ac 100 Multiple Europe Naval
2003 Oxford LeDonne The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire: 1650-1831 288 $125 1 Ac 181 Multiple Russia Strategy
2003 Palgrave Macmillan MacHardy War, Religion and Court Patronage in Habsburg Austria: The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Political Interaction, 1521-1622 328 $140 1 AcPop 101 30YW Austria W&S
2003 Palgrave Macmillan Hammer Elizabeth’s Wars: War, Government and Society in Tudor England, 1544-1604 344 $130 1 AcPop 60 Multiple Britain W&S
2003 Pen & Sword Watson Marlborough’s Shadow: The Life of the First Earl Cadogan 224 $37 0 Pop 36 WSS Britain Biography
2003 Praeger Starkey War in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1700-1789 248 $85 1 Ac 89 Multiple Europe W&S
2003 Tempus Smithers The Tangier Campaign: The Birth of the British Army 192 1 Pop 10 Britain Country
2004 Allen Lane Rodger The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain, 1649-1815 976 $22 0 Pop 167 Multiple Britain Naval
2004 Ashgate Morriss Naval Power and British Culture, 1760-1850: Public Trust and Government Ideology 312 $150 1 Ac 90 Multiple Britain Naval
2004 Boydell Harari Renaissance Military Memoirs: War, History and Identity, 1450-1600 240 $95 1 Ac 150 Multiple Europe W&S
2004 Brassey’s Marshall Oliver Cromwell, Soldier. The Military Life of a Revolutionary at War 248 1 Pop 18 BCW Britain Biography
2004 Brill Griffin Regulating Religion and Morality in the King’s Armies, 1639-1646 256 $156 1 Ac 10 BCW Britain W&S
2004 Brill Lockhart Frederik II and the Protestant Cause: Denmark’s Role in the Wars of Religion, 1559-1596 388 $204 1 Ac 37 FWR Denmark RWP
2004 Brill Glozier Scottish Soldiers in France in the Reign of the Sun King: Nursery for Men of Honour 292 $178 1 Ac 49 Multiple Scotland Country
2004 Cambridge Parker The Army of Flanders and the Spanish Road, 1567-1659 336 $41 0 Ac 92 DR Spain W&S
2004 Exeter Saunders Fortress Builder: Bernard de Gomme, Charles II’s Military Engineer 416 $110 1 Ac 44 Multiple Britain Siege
2004 iUniverse Young International Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great: A Guide to the Historical Literature 540 $32 Ac 55 Multiple Europe W&S
2004 Manchester Cardwell Arts and Arms: Literature, Politics and Patriotism during the Seven Years War 320 $75 1 Ac 10 7YW Britain W&S
2004 Oxford Manning Swordsmen: The Martial Ethos in the Three Kingdoms 288 $150 1 Ac 117 Multiple Britain Biography
2004 Palgrave Macmillan Scott Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 1637-1649 208 $39 1 AcPop 12 BCW Britain W&S
2004 Palgrave Macmillan Royle The British Civil War: The Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1660 928 $40 0 AcPop 22 BCW Britain War
2004 Palgrave Macmillan Mortimer Eyewitness Accounts of the Thirty Years War, 1618-48 256 $38 0 AcPop 30 30YW Germany W&S
2004 Palgrave Macmillan Hook Sack of Rome, 1527 360 1 AcPop 10 ValHab Italy Siege
2004 Pen & Sword Falkner Blenheim 1704: Marlborough’s Greatest Victory 141 $25 0 Pop 10 WSS Germany Battle
2004 Spellmount Chandler Blenheim Preparations: The English Army on the March to the Danube. Collected Essays 232 1 Pop 27 WSS Britain Country
2004 Weidenfeld & Nicholson Hussey Marlborough: Hero of Blenheim 224 $25 1 Pop 27 WSS Britain Biography
2004 Yale Kamen The Duke of Alba 216 $35 1 Ac 57 DR Spain Biography
2005 Ashgate Sankey Jacobite Prisoners of the 1715 Rebellions: Preventing and Punishing Insurrection in Early Hanoverian Britain 176 $120 1 Ac 10 1715 Britain W&S
2005 Boydell Jones Thomas Rainborowe (c.1610-1648): Civil War Seaman, Siegemaster and Radical 164 $80 1 Ac 38 BCW Britain Biography
2005 Brill Lloyd War, Society and Enlightenment: The Works of General Lloyd 750 $315 1 Ac 40 Multiple Britain W&S
2005 Cambridge Ágoston Guns for the Sultan: Military Power and the Weapons Industry in the Ottoman Empire 300 $39 0 Ac 298 Multiple Turkey W&S
2005 Chicago Van Orden Music, Discipline, and Arms in Early Modern France 344 $45 1 Ac 250 Multiple France W&S
2005 Edizioni Plus Arfaioli The Black Bands of Giovanni: Infantry and Diplomacy during the Italian Wars (1526-1528) 224 1 Pop 10 Naples1 Italy Army
2005 Four Courts McKenny The Laggan Army in Ireland, 1640-80: The landed interests, political ideologies and military campaigns of the north-west Ulster settlers 250 $75 1 Ac 40 Multiple Britain W&S
2005 Four Courts McGettigan Red Hugh O’Donnell and the Nine Years War 190 1 Ac 10 Tyrone Britain War
2005 Frank Cass Carpenter Military Leadership in the British Civil Wars, 1642-1651: ‘The Genius of this Age’ 240 $40 0 Ac 10 BCW Britain Army
2005 Frank Cass Telp The Evolution of Operational Art, 1740-1813; From Frederick the Great to Napoleon 240 $170 1 Ac 73 Multiple Europe Battle
2005 Johns Hopkins Kirk Genoa and the Sea: Policy and Power in an Early Modern Maritime Republic, 1559-1684 296 $55 1 Ac 125 Multiple Italy Naval
2005 Kansas Citino The German Way of War: From the Thirty Years War to the Third Reich 428 $25 1 AcPop 327 Multiple Germany Army
2005 Longman Sadler Border Fury: England and Scotland at War, 1296-1568 656 $31 0 AcPop 272 Multiple Britain Country
2005 Nebraska Dull The French Navy and the Seven Years’ War 472 $20 0 Ac 10 7YW France Naval
2005 New York Review Wedgwood The Thirty Years War 536 $20 0 Pop 30 30YW Europe War
2005 Palgrave Macmillan Lunsford Piracy and Privateering in the Golden Age Netherlands 376 $90 1 AcPop 145 Multiple Netherlands Naval
2005 Pearson Wanklyn A Military History of the English Civil War: 1642-1649 328 $67 1 AcPop 25 BCW Britain War
2005 Pen & Sword Falkner Marlborough goes to war: Eyewitness accounts, 1702-1713 239 $40 1 Pop 11 WSS Britain War
2005 Smithsonian Black Warfare in the Eighteenth Century 240 $18 0 Ac 100 Multiple Europe Survey
2005 Sussex Academic Glozier Marshal Schomberg 1615-1690: The Ablest Soldier Of His Age – International Soldiering And The Formation Of State Armies In Seventeenth-century Europe 249 $35 0 Ac 75 Multiple Netherlands Biography
2005 Thomas Dunne Pavkovic Fighting Techniques of the Early Modern World AD 1500 – AD 1763: Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics 256 $30 1 Pop 263 Multiple Europe Survey
2005 Wiley Spencer Battle for Europe: How the Duke of Marlborough Masterminded the Defeat of the French at Blenheim 384 $35 1 Pop 10 WSS Britain Battle
2005 Yale Stoyle Soldiers and Strangers: An Ethnic History of the English Civil War 320 $50 1 Ac 20 BCW Britain Army
2006 Ashgate Dutra Military Orders in the Early Modern Portuguese World: The Orders of Christ, Santiago And Avis 370 $180 1 Ac 300 Multiple Portugal Army
2006 Cambridge Mallett The Military Organization of a Renaissance State: Venice c. 1400 to 1617 544 $69 0 Ac 217 Multiple Italy W&S
2006 Castle Duffy Fire and Stone: The Science of Fortress Warfare, 1660-1860 207 $10 0 Pop 200 Multiple Europe Siege
2006 Greenhill Turnbull The Art of Renaissance Warfare: From the Fall of Constantinople to the Thirty Years War 256 $35 1 Pop 165 Multiple Europe Survey
2006 Oxford Conway War, State, and Society in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 370 $140 1 Ac 50 Multiple Britain W&S
2006 Oxford Manning An Apprenticeship in Arms: The Origins of the British Army 1585-1702 496 $199 1 Ac 117 Multiple Britain Army
2006 Oxford Storrs The Resilience of the Spanish Monarchy 1665-1700 288 $155 1 Ac 35 9YW Spain Country
2006 Palgrave Macmillan Armstrong Protestant War: The ‘British’ of Ireland and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms 320 $89 1 AcPop 20 BCW Britain W&S
2006 Pen & Sword Falkner Ramillies 1706: Year of Miracles 144 $25 0 Pop 10 WSS Britain Battle
2006 Pennsylvania Plank Rebellion and Savagery: The Jacobite Rising of 1745 and the British Empire 272 $55 1 Ac 10 ’45 Britain War
2006 Potomac Black War in European History, 1494-1660. The Essential Bibliography 240 $35 0 Ac 166 Multiple Europe Reference
2006 Scholar’s Shelf Watson Wallenstein, soldier under Saturn 488 $39 0 Pop 16 30YW Austria Biography
2006 Tauris Chambers Popes, Cardinals and War: The Military Church in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe 272 $84 1 Ac 260 Multiple Italy RWP
2007 Ashgate Memegalos George Goring (1608-1657): Caroline Courtier and Royalist General 414 $135 1 Ac 49 Multiple Britain Biography
2007 Boydell Harari Special Operations in the Age of Chivalry, 1100-1550 248 $25 0 Ac 450 Multiple Europe Battle
2007 Brill Ostwald Vauban under Siege: Engineering Efficiency and Martial Vigor in the War of the Spanish Succession 390 $181 1 Ac 11 WSS Europe Siege
2007 Brill McCullough Coercion, Conversion and Counterinsurgency in Louis XIV’s France 273 $138 1 Ac 55 WSS France W&S
2007 Greenhill Urban Bayonets for Hire: Mercenaries at War, 1550-1789 304 $40 1 Pop 239 Multiple Europe Army
2007 Greenwood Showalter Soldiers’ Lives through History: The Early Modern World 320 $65 1 Ac 280 Multiple Europe Biography
2007 Hambledon Continuum Childs The Williamite Wars in Ireland, 1688-1691 464 $30 0 Ac 10 9YW Britain War
2007 Longman Gentles The English Revolution and the Wars in the Three Kingdoms 1638-1652 544 $52 0 AcPop 14 BCW Britain War
2007 Longman Szabo The Seven Years War in Europe: 1756-1763 536 $54 0 AcPop 10 7YW Europe War
2007 Longman Stevens Russia’s Wars of Emergence 1460-1730 352 $54 0 AcPop 270 Multiple Russia Country
2007 Longman Aksan Ottoman Wars 1700-1870: An Empire Besieged 624 $50 0 AcPop 170 Multiple Turkey Country
2007 Pen & Sword Wanklyn Decisive Battles of the English Civil War 240 $40 1 Pop 10 BCW Britain Battle
2007 Routledge SchumannSchweizer The Seven Years War: A Transatlantic History 288 $42 0 Ac 10 7YW Europe War
2007 Routledge Davies Warfare, State and Society on the Black Sea Steppe, 1500-1700 272 $40 0 Ac 200 Multiple Russia W&S
2007 Spellmount Falkner Marlborough’s Sieges, 1702-1711 304 $50 1 Pop 10 WSS Britain Siege
2007 Tauris Raymond Henry VIII’s Military Revolution: The Armies of Sixteenth-Century Britain and Europe 256 $100 1 Ac 38 Multiple Britain Country
2007 Tauris Stein Guarding the Frontier: Ottoman Border Forts and Garrisons in Europe 264 $85 1 Ac 100 Multiple Turkey Siege
2008 Ashgate Finlay Venice Besieged: Politics and Diplomacy in the Italian Wars, 1494-1534 316 $145 1 Ac 40 Naples1 Italy Country
2008 Boydell Bull ‘The Furie of the Ordnance’: Artillery in the English Civil Wars 208 $90 1 Ac 10 BCW Britain War
2008 Boydell Grummit The Calais Garrison: War and Military Service in England, 1436-1558 240 $90 1 Ac 122 Multiple Britain Siege
2008 Boydell Willis Fighting at Sea in the Eighteenth Century: The Art of Sailing Warfare 272 $50 1 Ac 100 Multiple Europe Naval
2008 Boydell Potter Renaissance France at War: Armies, Culture and Society, c. 1480-1560 367 $99 1 Ac 80 ValHab France W&S
2008 Brill Lawrence The Complete Soldier: Military Books and Military Culture in Early Stuart England, 1603-1645 444 $203 1 Ac 42 BCW Britain W&S
2008 Cambridge Lynn Women, Armies, and Warfare in Early Modern Europe 252 $25 0 Ac 280 Multiple Europe W&S
2008 Greenwood Nolan Wars of the Age of Louis XIV, 1650-1715: An Encyclopedia of Global Warfare and Civilization 656 $150 1 Ac 65 Multiple Europe W&S
2008 Harper Perennial Holmes Marlborough: Britain’s Greatest General 512 1 Pop 27 WSS Britain Biography
2008 Oklahoma Spring With Zeal and With Bayonets Only: The British Army on Campaign in North America, 1775-1783 408 $20 0 Ac 10 ARW Britain Battle
2008 Oxford Donagan War in England 1642-1649 400 $35 0 Ac 10 BCW Britain War
2008 Oxford Cahill Unto the Breach: Martial Formations, Historical Trauma, and the Early Modern Stage 256 $110 1 Ac 50 Multiple Britain W&S
2008 Oxford Grummit War, State, and Society in England and the Netherlands 1477-1559 400 $150 1 Ac 82 Multiple Europe W&S
2008 Oxford Tracy The Founding of the Dutch Republic: War, Finance, and Politics in Holland, 1572-1588 320 $135 1 Ac 16 DR Netherlands W&S
2008 Palgrave Macmillan Harari The Ultimate Experience: Battlefield Revelations and the Making of Modern War Culture, 1450-2000 408 $105 1 AcPop 550 Multiple Europe W&S
2008 Random House Crowley Empires of the Sea: The Siege of Malta, the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World 368 $16 0 Pop 11 Multiple Turkey Country
2009 Basic Books Simms Three victories and a defeat: the rise and fall of the first British Empire, 1714-1783 800 $40 1 Pop 69 Multiple Britain War
2009 Brill González de León The Road to Rocroi: Class, Culture and Command in the Spanish Army of Flanders, 1567-1659 408 $203 1 Ac 92 DR Spain Biography
2009 Cambridge Rapple Martial Power and Elizabethan Political Culture: Military Men in England and Ireland, 1558-1597 350 $116 1 Ac 39 Tyrone Britain W&S
2009 Harvard Wilson The Thirty Years War: Europe’s Tragedy 1,024 $23 1 AcPop 30 30YW Germany War
2009 Harvard Almond Two Faiths, One Banner: When Muslims Marched with Christians across Europe’s Battlegrounds 256 $20 0 Ac 410 Multiple Turkey RWP
2009 Leonaur Malleson Battles in Germany, 1631-1704: Decisive Conflicts of the Thirty Years’ War and War of Spanish Succession to Blenheim 352 $31 0 Pop 73 Multiple Europe Battle
2009 Nebraska Dull The Age of the Ship of the Line: The British and French Navies, 1650-1815 268 $19 0 Ac 165 Multiple Europe Naval
2009 Palgrave Macmillan Wolfe Walled Towns and the Shaping of France: From the Medieval to the Early Modern Era 272 $90 1 AcPop 850 Multiple France W&S
2009 Pen & Sword Roberts Cromwell’s War Machine: The New Model Army 1645-1660 288 $26 0 Pop 15 BCW Britain Army
2009 Pen & Sword Mallett Mercenaries and their Masters: Warfare in Renaissance Italy 304 $40 0 Pop 100 Multiple Italy Army
2009 Rochester Dee Expansion and crisis in Louis XIV’s France: Franche-Comté and absolute monarchy, 1674-1715 259 $80 1 Ac 41 WSS France W&S
2010 Ashgate Pugliatti Shakespeare and the Just War Tradition 260 $100 1 Ac 27 Multiple Britain RWP
2010 Boydell van Nimwegen The Dutch Army and the Military Revolutions, 1588-1688 584 $130 1 Ac 100 Multiple Netherlands Country
2010 Brill Murdoch The Terror of the Seas? Scottish Maritime Warfare, 1513-1713 448 $199 1 Ac 200 Multiple Britain Naval
2010 Cambridge Owen War at Sea under Queen Anne, 1702-1708 380 $34 0 Ac 10 WSS Britain Naval
2010 Cambridge Pollak Cities at War in Early Modern Europe 370 $99 1 Ac 270 Multiple Europe Siege
2010 Johns Hopkins Sandberg Warrior Pursuits: Noble Culture and Civil Conflict in Early Modern France 424 $60 1 Ac 37 FWR France W&S
2010 McFarland Lepage Vauban and the French Military Under Louis XIV: An Illustrated History of Fortifications and Siegecraft 300 $50 1 Pop 55 Multiple France Siege
2010 Pickering & Chatto Bannerman Merchants and the Military in Eighteenth-Century Britain: British Army Contracts and Domestic Supply, 1739-1763 264 $100 1 Ac 24 Multiple Britain W&S
2011 Ashgate Smith Royalist Agents, Conspirators and Spies: Their Role in the British Civil Wars, 1640-1660 252 $115 1 Ac 20 BCW Britain War
2011 Brill Potter Henry VIII and Francis I 584 $243 1 Ac 10 ValHab Europe War
2011 Frontline Urban Matchlocks to Flintlocks: Warfare in Europe and Beyond 1500-1700 304 $50 1 Pop 200 Multiple Europe Army
2011 Longman Baugh The Global Seven Years War 1754-1763: Britain and France in a Great Power Contest 752 $50 1 AcPop 10 7YW Europe War
2011 Manchester Klingelhofer Castles and Colonists: An Archaeology of Elizabethan Ireland 192 $85 1 Ac 63 Multiple Britain Siege
2011 North Carolina Gruber Books and the British Army in the Age of the American Revolution 360 $55 1 Ac 10 ARW Britain W&S
2011 Oxford Lee Barbarians and Brothers: Anglo-American Warfare, 1500-1865 352 $35 1 Ac 365 Multiple Britain W&S
2011 Palgrave Macmillan Tlusty The Martial Ethic in Early Modern Germany: Civic Duty and the Right of Arms 384 $95 1 Ac 250 Multiple Germany W&S

Some general notes about the book list and its variables:

  1. I list 182 titles, but I have undoubtedly underestimated the number of popular works on EMEMH; you can tell my interest in the late 17C-early 18C, for example, by the number of popular titles on Marlborough and Vauban. Also, I did not include many biographies of people like Cromwell unless the author primarily focused on their military activities. See the earlier list for the methodology on the selection of titles. Let me know in the comments of any relevant titles that I missed.
  2. Publishers change names and disappear, rights to their books are purchased by other presses and republished, some books go out of print and then get republished as a paperback, and used copies tend to circulate online for quite some time unless a press has a print on-demand. The publishers and years listed are not necessarily that of the original edition.
  3. The prices are drawn from Amazon’s prices (U.S.) in the second week of December 2011. I relied on Amazon because it was easiest to look up, and long gone are the days when publishers would print the price of the book right on the back cover. With more research one could find the more useful original list price at the time of publication (instead of 2011 U.S. dollars) by looking at old publisher catalogs, old copies of Books in Print, reviews in journals, etc. But this is an informal exercise, so I’ll leave it to the real historians of the book if they’re interested in that. With the 2011 prices you can get a sense, nonetheless, of how much original list prices have been rising over the years.
  4. I used Amazon’s publisher list price, not any discounted price they might offer.
  5. I distinguished the price for hardcover vs. paperback books. For space considerations, here I only show the $ column, which indicates the cheapest list price for the book: if the book was available in paper, I used that price, otherwise the hardcover price is used. These may change if publishers decide to offer paperback to titles with decent sales. It is also possible that books from the past few years might eventually be published in paper at some point in the future, but the hardcover sales haven’t accumulated yet for a press to make that judgment. The same goes for the PB? field.
  6. In the price column I only included books that were still sold by the press, i.e. I excluded the prices of used books. In some cases, this means that a few works don’t have any price info, since they are apparently out of print in hardcover and not available in paperback (10 titles of the 177, or 5%).
  7. Using 2011 dollars makes it difficult to compare original list prices for books published years apart. However, it appears that the original list price tends to be “sticky,” and doesn’t increase as much as the list price of new publications. Regardless, the prices of some books continuously in print can change over the years, e.g. I’m pretty sure my own book has increased in price $20 or more since it first came out four years ago.
  8. It’s impossible to tell to what extent any subventions were paid by the authors in order to decrease the list price of their book. The market for such books requires different data, that would be much more difficult to collect, such as sales.
  9. I created the other variables based on my impressions and/or knowledge of the content: the press as an academic vs. popular publisher, the time period the book covers (# years) either from info in the title or the subject, the geographical scope of the work…
  10. For the number (#) of years covered by the book, I used the following rough methodology: 1) subtract the year range if it existed in the title; 2) assign it an even 100 years if the title used is a century; 3) use the length of a war if that is in the title, 4) use the adult life span of the subject if the work is a biography. Otherwise I ballparked it. If any of the resulting numbers were less than ten years, I rounded them up to ten, because even with a case study of a specific battle or siege that only lasts a few days, the author will usually provide background on the war, the fortifications, the commander, etc. I recognize that many works use generic start and end dates (1648, 1815…), and that individual authors may expand their title dates beyond their real focus, while others cover far more than the years mentioned in the title. And some authors may even cover only a few discrete episodes within a much longer time frame. But more precision than my above method requires a lot more time and patience than I have for this project.
  11. The Popular/Academic/Academic Popular distinction is an admittedly artificial and somewhat subjective one. Academic publishers presumably want to find popular books so their sales can subsidize specialized literature, so books published by academic presses that were intended for a broader audience were given the hybrid of Academic/Popular. Also, a non-academic reader interested in a particular topic will undoubtedly get academic books on the subject if they are available. And of course academics may also cite popular books if they are relevant to their subject.
  12. I’m not sure how much the overall academic publishing market has changed due to digital editions and online piracy of books, a global used-book market, the collapse of university funding for their presses, the collapse of library acquisition budgets, and other factors. But presumably a lot.
  13. The number of pages also came from Amazon – these can often vary by 10 or more, not to mention whether you cound the index, etc.
  14. The Country field is based on modern broad boundaries, and is meant to indicate current interest in particular parts of Europe. It is also expansive, in that I aggregated anything in the British isles into Britain, even if a work was focused only on Scotland, or Ireland. If the book discussed more than one country, I assigned it the Country that it focused the most on; if it gave substantial and equal coverage to more than one country, I assigned it “Europe.” A book promising a discussion of all of Europe was awarded “Europe”, although in most cases any one author will have a more limited geographical focus. (FWIW, I have more than a dozen keyword categories in my bibliographic database distinguishing all of these different types of keywords, but I didn’t want to reproduce them all here.)
  15. Subject: This is most subjective categorization of them all. I chose a single word to categorize each book. In many cases, several categories might have applied to a single work, but I chose the one which best represented the intended audience most likely to read the book. As an example, I classified a book on the Scots in the 30YW under the “Country” (i.e. on Scottish military history) category, rather than the “War” category, because in my judgment those interested in the Scottish military experience (regardless of which war) will be more likely to read it than someone interested in one of the 30YW’s other myriad aspects. I also included a book in the Country category if the focus of the work was on a region of Europe, e.g. the Mediterranean. I also included works that studied a group of people under the “Biography” category. The “War & Society” category is a catch-all category, including works on military administration, war and politics, war and its economic connections, war and its social impact, war and art…

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